cGeep 4.4

cGeep is a powerful PGP encryption software using the OpenPGP standard
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cGeep is designed to provide an easy access to security while sending emails and files. cGeep is a powerful PGP encryption software using the OpenPGP standard.cGeep lets you encrypt any file on a PC, simply by right-clicking, and no need to enter a password. OpenPGP encryption is well-known for its inviolability. The Outlook Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 plug-in sends and receives encrypted emails and files in a very secure yet easy way.

Main features:
-Professional, automated installation.
-Software and documentation in French and English
-Support for the OpenPGP standard for e-mail encryption and digital signatures.
-RSA encryption with asymmetrical keys of 1024 bits & symmetrical keys of 128 bits in AES format.
-PGP encryption of the files on the hard disk, with no limitation of size and/or format.
-Plug-in for e-mail encryption with Outlook Office 2000/XP/2003/2007.
-Sending of encrypted/signed emails with no restriction as to the number of recipients.
-Encryption of attachments of any format.
-Encryption of attachments with no restriction as to number or size.
-E-mail encryption without password entry.
-Email encryption without sharing a password and/or secret with the contact.
-RSA digital signature of emails and attachments.
RSA encryption key different from the RSA signature key.
-Unlimited free access to the cGeep Central Directory.
-Automatic import of contacts from the cGeep Central Directory.
-Use of cGeep without http connection to the Central Directory.
-Export of cGeep keys for e-mail encryption in OpenPGP format.
-Keyring storage location selection. (Example: USB)
-Private key Backup tool

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